Dr. Paul Grenier

Dr. Paul Grenier has been a practicing chiropractor for 30 years. A family man (father of three children and married for 28 years) whose holistic health and wellness is interwoven in every part of his life.

Dr. Paul recognizes limitations of the physical, mental and emotional realms and discovering ways of expanding spirit’s expression in those dimensions is his passion!

Sharing those discoveries and experiences is his mission.

Knowing that the wisdom of the heart needs to be our guiding force in our daily lives has brought peace and direction to Dr. Paul and that is unwavering in his vision for world wellness.

Dr. Paula Grenier

Dr. Paula Grenier has been a chiropractor for 30 years. In fact, she met Dr. Paul on the first day of Chiropractic College! Over those years, she was in private practice for a few years, a faculty member at a chiropractic college and then became a mother and primary caregiver of three children.

Her friends and colleagues, and now young adult children, know her as a volunteer and community organizer extraordinaire, a volleyball and hockey coach, marathoner, mountain biker, squeeze-every-ounce-out-of-every-dayer, do-righter, community builder, solution seeker, and dedicated healer. She loves to help others learn about the benefits of chiropractic care and thrives on the basic premise of just “helping people” in whatever ways they might need.

Dr. Paula is presently retired from seeing any patients as she’s focused on taking care of the administrative duties as our office manager.